Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

A few weeks ago I came across this amazing company that sells flowers made out of wood and had an opportunity to collaborate with them. I was sent two of their DIY flower bouquet kits with the colors of my choice. Before we dive into the step-by-step tutorial, let me just say… this is Genius and adorable!

Sola wood comes from a tapioca plant root and are extremely drought resistant. You can learn more about this type of flower by visiting the company’s website SolaWoodFlower. They sell many different flowers of all sizes, assortments and DIY kits, so you can build your favorite projects that fit the decor of your space. I personally chose the Dusty Miller Centerpiece craft kit with the colors Lilac and Periwinkle, and the Mini Boxwood centerpiece craft kit in colors Morning Frost and Cobalt Blue. The following pictures are taken while I was putting together the Dusty Miller centerpiece.

Colors from left to right: Lilac, Periwinkle, Cobalt, Morning Frost, and Sola Wood Softener
The craft kits come with the flowers, skewers, glue stick, extra greenery, string, the paint of your choice and the box with the sponge.

Step 1: This is optional and not pictured, but I highly recommend it. Dip the flower in a mixture of 1 part Sola wood softener and 3 parts water and let them dry overnight. The flowers will soften and the colors will last longer.

Step 2: Mix the color with some water in a container and stir well.

Step 3: Dip the flower in the paint mixture and make sure it is well saturated. The color will be vibrant like shown in the pictures below.

Optional: You could also paint the flowers with a brush if you want different colors and designs on them, but it takes much longer than dipping them.

Step 4: When you are done painting all the flowers with your desired colors, lay them on a flat surface and let them dry for a few hours. For best results, let them dry overnight.

Step 5: Take each flower and insert the skewer at the bottom. For better results, you can use the hot glue gun and cover the tip of the skewer with glue, so the flower is better secured. Then, break the skewer in half (or however short you want it to be).

Step 6: This is where the fun and creativity begin. You get to arrange the flowers the way you want to and incorporate the green leaves in the bouquet as well. Play around with different arrangements, don’t overthink it and have FUN creating the most beautiful centerpiece that is going to last you a long time!

Step 7: Add the string around the wooden box and enjoy your masterpiece. Display it somewhere for everyone to see!

Head over to the Sola Wood Flowers website to explore all the craft kits, types of flowers and colors. These are perfect for creating personalized bouquets for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings or just decorating your house and give it more life.

Stay tuned for my next project with them!



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