Shopping, sweatpants and style

Since the whole COVID-19 situation started and all the store were closed for a while, I hadn’t been shopping in a long minute. Not because I was scared I was going to get sick, ( I work as a nurse in the ER so I knew I was going to be exposed to it), but because I got used to shopping online during quarantine and I enjoyed it way too much!

I finally gave in the other week and decided to take a trip to a mall nearby. Got dressed all cute and comfy and hit the road. The mall was cute, full of plants and nice seating areas, but the stores… it just didn’t feel the same anymore. A lot of the stores were closed and other ones were not as exciting as they used to be. It’s sad to see how a virus can change our whole world within a year. I’ve decided to stick with online shopping and discover more amazing small businesses to support. I will try to make a list for you so you can shop some amazing unique gifts for the upcoming holidays from the comfort of your couch. In the meantime, here are the details of my outfit:

Top: Zara (old) | Joggers: Fashion Nova | Sneakers: Puma (old)

Sunglasses: TOMS

Some of these items are sold out and not available anymore, so I made a list of similar ones that you can get to achieve this look! Have Fun shopping!

Till next time,


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