How to host a bridal shower on a budget

Planning and hosting events is one of my favorite things to do. It comes with a lot of stress, but throughout the years I have been able to come up with a good plan to reduce stress, have more fun and enjoy the event as much as the guests.

Last week, I hosted a bridal shower for a very good friend of mine. I am not going to lie, it was a little more stressful due to short notice and COVID challenges, but I was able to make it happen and everyone had fun (at least that’s what they told me). If you want to know the steps and are interested in the final look, keep reading 🙂 .

1 . Set a date as soon as possible

You would be surprised how much time and stress this step is going to save you. As soon as you know that you are planning an event, SET the date and time. Don’t start looking for venues, decorations, food, and other stuff if you do not have a date. This will also give you more time to plan your budget, spendings and saving.

2 . Make your guest list

The sooner you know how many people you are going to invite the better it is, especially if they’re coming from out of town and need to plan ahead. Invite your closest friends and family while keeping in mind your budget and health guidelines. Once you know the initial number of guests, you’ll be able to adjust the budget and create a better idea of the spendings.

3 . Stick with your house instead of an expensive venue

Venues, hotels, restaurants, bars, can get quite expensive, especially during events. The ideal place to host a bridal shower it’s a house/apartment, whether it is yours or one of the other bridesmaids’. It makes the event feel more “private”, everyone feels more comfortable and they have a great time. The biggest plus to this is the fact that you don’t have to pay extra fees and you can pretty much do whatever you want with decorations and food. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared to do a lot of stuff on your own, and clean everything afterwards, but it’s worth it.

4 . Plan your theme and buy decorations

Picking a theme is probable the easiest but most complicated task. Go with something simple and elegant and choose colors that match the wedding palette. My favorite place to buy decorations is Amazon, Walmart and craft stores like Michael’s, Jo Ann’s fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Plan your decor at least three weeks ahead so you have time to buy everything, do any DIYs, and make sure that you have all you need.

Most of the stuff on this picture are from Amazon. It never fails me.

5 . Send online invitations

Printing invitations will cost you more. Opt for an online invitation service like Evites, where you can choose from their templates, upload your own personalized design and send them to the guests email or phone number. Saves you a lot of $$$.

6 . Finalize the guest list at least a week ahead

Doing so, will give you a better idea of what kind of food you should order, how many portions and how much time you need to prepare everything, especially if you’re not buying prepared food from any store/restaurant.

7 . Start prepping the food and decor the day before

You want the food to be as fresh as possible, and the balloons as big as possible. The best thing to do is set up the main decorations the day before and plan where the food is going the day of the event.

8. The day of the event

Wake up early and make sure your house is clean and you have everything ready for the event. Pick up the food, finish decorating, arrange the seating, drinks, food and dessert platters and wait for everyone to show up and enjoy the party. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the masterpiece you put together.

My budget was $500 and here’s what I was able to put together. All things are either from Amazon or Walmart with the exception of the which was kindly put together by my dad. The wooden letters and I spray-painted them gold.

Click the link for products

I have posted a picture and linked some of the products I used and similar ones on the app. Follow me there and make shopping easier!

I hope this was helpful and inspired you to throw an amazing event by yourself! ‘Til next time!

xoxo, Marjana!

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